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A first day always spells 'hectic'

People involved: Everybody
Place: The house, and then school
Summary: The hectic first day of school.


For the umpteenth time that morning, Yamapi extended his hand towards the nightstand, blindly searching for the source of the annoyance; and he almost slammed the snooze button in frustration when that particular piece of instrument reached his grasp. Mumbling some groggy, sleepy curses under his breath, he squinted an eye at the alarm clock.

It had said 8.00am.

He thought he was seeing things, so he squinted further, brushing his eyes a bit for good measure. But the numbers didn't change. It was really 8o'clock.

"SHIT!!" he almost jumped out of his bed, and made a jump on Jin's too, shaking the other pretty harshly as he tried to wake his best friend up. "Akanishi, wake up! It's already 8am. School starts at 8.45!"

Not waiting for Jin to join him, he dashed towards the bathroom, only to find two other people reaching there at the same time as him. He glanced at the two bathroom doors, and then at the other two people - one of whom (despite his half-awake state) he recognized as a senior at the school and one whom he assumed to be a new kid - who, both of them, were still in their pyjamas. He shook his head in disbelief. "Man...don't tell guys are here for the bathroom too?!"
Tags: log: akanishi jin, log: kamenashi kazuya, log: nakamaru yuichi, log: nishikido ryo, log: tanaka koki, log: yamashita tomohisa
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