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A Private JE RP Comm
Akanishi Jin
Age: 17 (born July 4th)
History: Akanishi’s family doesn’t really reside among the richest, but his father’s a well-paid top salaryman, so his life was really pleasant, to put it simply. The eldest brother of two, Akanishi is keener in paving his own path for his life, and even though he had failed the auditions for entering Johnny’s Academy, by some luck and with the help of his looks, he managed to get into the school. Being raised up in a rather flexible life, Akanishi had no trouble with his family about him pursuing the entertainment business and Akanishi dreams nothing less than making it big in his future career.

Personality: Akanishi, at first glance, could come off as the cool resident boy-next-door. He’s always flexible with everyone and his friendly and loyal behavior made him popular among his friends. Despite that, Akanishi’s quite a bit of a troublemaker himself, but he’s a responsible person and he didn’t like other people being blamed for his faults and vice versa. Aside from that, Akanishi could come out as quite strong with his opinions and ideas on his work, projects or assignments as he has a very high confidence with himself. He’s roommates and classmates with best friend Yamashita Tomohisa.

Tanaka Koki
Age: 16 (born November 5th)
History: Koki lives in a family of 7, consisting of his parents and his 4 other siblings. Koki was the 2nd in the family, but he takes his big brother role seriously and took great care in caring for his 3 other younger brothers aside from setting a good role model for them. His family wasn’t all that rich, and with his father seemingly about to reach an age where he should retire from his teaching work, Koki’s aunt decided to send his application for a high school of entertainment – the Johnny’s Academy. Koki didn’t feel all that great about it, but somehow, he passed an audition and the entrance exam and he was chosen to enter instead of his cousin who had had his application sent along with Koki’s.

Personality: One who adores rappers, Koki’s heavily influenced by the hip hop life, and it’s pretty obvious from his style; clothing, bleached hair and whatnot. He tend to try act all gangster-ish, but his soft side does come out all too often. He could be too straightforward at times, and could be all childish about it the next.

Yamashita Tomohisa
Age: 17 (born April 9th)
History: Yamashita, or referred to as Yamapi, a nickname given by his great-senpai, comes from a traditional family that goes far back in history. At present, his family owns a couple of large businesses, the scope varying from kabuki theatres, toll companies, food manufacturing and even hotel managements. With his father being the eldest and the original 16th generation heir, Yamapi was named the 17th generation heir in line as he was the eldest, if not the only son in the family. His joining in Johnny’s Academy was out of his selfish accord, but his family sees it as an opportunity to broaden his social capabilities as Yamapi’s already been exposed to business since he was young and he has his own private tutors for that alone.

Personality: Yamapi could be reserved at times, but most of the time, he pulled up a cheerful exterior. To strangers, he tends to act a bit distant simply because he’s extra cautious with his surroundings. Yamapi could also be overprotective at times, a trait from him being an elder brother to his sister, and he’s pretty good at words, especially when it comes to teasing and flirting. He’s very close to his best friend, slash roommates and classmates Akanishi Jin.

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Kamenashi Kazuya
Age: 16
Personality: Kame is friendly towards everyone, except for when he doesn't like you. But he only dislikes people when they have done something he doesn't agree with, or when they're just being plain annoying. He can be shy at times and tries to do his best at school. You can call him a bit of a perfectionist.
History: Kame grew up in a pretty normal family, with his mother as a housewive and father as a construction worker. He lived in a house with mostly boys since he only had brothers. Two elder and one younger. At his 11th age however, his father got injured during work, and wasn't able to work for a long period. There was no money coming in so his elder brothers had to work to feed everyone while their mother took care of their father. When his father got better, he couldn't do construction work anymore since the accident caused him permanent injure and couldn't do any hard work. So he had to find another job which didn't pay much. His family had stayed poor since then.

Kame had discovered that his father was injured because of someone else's fault. That person hadn't done his job right, which made the wall with stones fall on his dad. From then on, he told himself that he wanted to do his school right and his future job too, so he wouldn't make any mistakes like that man did.

He got into Johnny's Academy by sending the application himself. He wanted to have a good paid job so he could take care of his family. And he had always liked acting and dancing.

Nakamaru Yuichi
Age: 18
Personality: Maru is a kind, shy, caring person towards everyone, with not much self-esteem. He can be easily embarrassed and scared. When he doesn't have anyone he knows, close, he can get lonely really quick. He tends to put others before himself.
History: The Nakamaru family are really close to each other. In a loving, caring family is where Maru grew up in. He lived with his parents and two younger sister. One is 3 years younger while the other is 5 years younger.

Back when he was in junior high, he would often get bullied because of his looks, shyness and because of his easily scaredness. This was the cause of his self-esteem to be low, not that it was really high in the first place, but the bullying made it worse. His parents had found out one day through his teacher who had not seen it at all before. They immediately removed their son from the school and moved to another city, hoping for Maru to forget about that horrible place. The new school he went to, thankfully, didn't have any bullies. But that didn't change anything about his self-esteem, it only made him less lonely at school.

Maru got into Johnny's Academy through his classmates who had sent an application, with his mother. When he got accepted, he found out and didn't really mind. (except for the fact that he thought he was going to be lonely, living in dorms) But he wished he could've chosen a school himself.

Nishikido Ryo
Age: 18
Personality: Ryo is generally a quiet person, towards strangers he may seem a cold person with a poison tongue. But what they do not know is that he's actually shy, and that he covers that with being cold towards them. Over the past few years, he had build up a wall to cover his real personality, and only a few people who are close to him have managed to get past that wall. They know what he's really like.
History: Ryo comes from a wealthy family, and grew up with only a younger sister. His parents owns the best hotels, located all over the world. They became so successful during the years Ryo grew up, thus they did not have a lot of time for him, despite him being an attention-needed child. The maids and his assistent were mostly taking care of him. He pretended not to mind that his parents weren't that close with him, but deep inside it was eating him. It made him a lonely person, even though he would never admit that. He never liked to tell his true feelings. Even though his parents were so distant, he still respected them as they were still the ones who brought him to this world. They only gave him attention when it was about business, since he's a heir.

He tried to fill the gap of loneliness by becoming popular at junior high. It wasn't that hard to become popular and it made him feel less lonely with all those people around him, but the gap still wasn't filled. Because he knew they only liked him because he was popular and rich, not because he was himself.

Ryo went to Johnny's Academy because he thought business was boring (something his parents wanted him to do), and at that time he was a bit rebellious so he chose to do something his parents didn't want him to do.

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