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People involved: Yamashita Tomohisa & Nishikido Ryo
Place: The house
Summary: A meeting of two rivals and mutual enemies

"Young master! Young master!"

The door suddenly slammed open and Yamapi fell on his back onto the tatami mat. "The hell?! How many times have I told you not to slam it open?" he complained, half-laughing, half-serious. No, when it comes to Yamashita Tomohisa, the 27th generation of the traditional Yamashita family, no one can tell for sure. He could be so serious sometimes, and yet there's some humour in his speech. He could be very close, and yet felt so distant. To most people, they just don't get Yamapi and his antics. "Well? What's your business here?" Yamapi asked as he regained his composure, his arms folded on his front.

"It's time." The pitiful driver (slash servant) spoke, his head bowed before Yamapi.

Yamapi spared a glance at the clock by his closet, before looking back at the other and gave a slight nod. He stood up. "Let's go."

After bidding his family farewell, Yamapi stepped into the car, seemingly all ready and prepared. It's the day that he had to come back to his boarding school, this time, as a second year student. Thinking back at his freshman year, there weren't really any significant events in his life, but they were fun memories, nonetheless. Taking out the piece of paper of his school entrance detail for the year, Yamapi gave it a read over, wanting to reconfirm everything so that he wouldn't make mistakes.

"A house, huh?" he murmured to himself absent-mindedly. He's really looking forward to seeing his new 'dorm'.
Tags: log: completed, log: nishikido ryo, log: yamashita tomohisa
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